Dhanda Badhao is an India based provider of loyalty services to small retailers and shops thus allowing them to boost their business.

BrivaTEC has provided Dhanda Badhao with business and technology consultancy services.
In doing so, we have contributed to Dhanda Badhao's business plan, technology selection process and the initial implementation of their cloud-based services.

TagPay is a French mobile digital banking platform provider. Their cloud-based & mobile centric digital banking platform includes all the features of a core banking system and makes use of near sound data transfer (NSDT) technology to secure electronic transactions.
TagPay's software is used by banks, telecom operators, and other players to offer digital financial services to their clients.

BrivaTEC has worked with TagPay to explore and assess opportunities for development in the Asian market. This included participation in the Money20/20 Asia event (Singapore, March 2018).