Founded in 2017, BrivaTEC is a Singapore based privately-owned company focusing on consultancy, integration and engineering services.

Our area of expertise lies in Mobile Financial Services, Digital Banking, Telecom Value-Added Services, IT & Software Development.

BrivaTEC's primary objective is:

  • To help SMEs worldwide expand their business in Asia;
  • To help local & regional SMEs expand into Europe or Africa.

With roots in Singapore & France, BrivaTEC is composed of a team of experienced professionals whose experience - exceeding 20 years - covers:

  • Geographies including South-East Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.
  • Business Domains -  Mobile Financial Services, Mobile / Digital Banking & Payments,  Telecom Value-Added Services, Application Development, etc.
  • Industries - Telecom, Banking, IT Security, Software, etc.
  • Staff having contributed to companies such as Amdocs, Sybase, Utiba, Sicap, AdNovum and eServGlobal.

Services and activities offered by BrivaTEC include:

  • Sales / Business Development / Pre-Sales Support
  • Project Management
  • System Integration / Deployment
  • IT Consulting
  • Software Development
  • Technical Support

For the story, the name BrivaTEC comes from the ancient Gallic word "briva" meaning "bridge" 1 associated with the letters TEC which stand for Technology, Engineering and Commerce.
This name illustrates the purpose of the company which is to help technology companies bridge gaps across regions through commerce / sales and engineering services.

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Office location: Singapore
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